Who we are

Player for live initiativer Uganda (PFLIU), is a non government development organisation whose mission is to improve the lives of young people disadvantaged by their economic circumstances, lack of education, health care or geographical location thorugh using the power of sport and recreation to build child friendly spaces where they can interact develop and demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviour.


Our Vision: PFLIU dreams of a world where young people have the opportunity to improve their lives through access to sport and recreation to break down barriers and build life skills to equip them for life as Global Citizens. Over the next 3 years, we will continue to develop and support sustainable sporting activities in the pursuit of wider development goals.


The player for live initiativer Uganda Kids (PFLIU) developed from the hugely successful Kampala voluntary association, as it is known locally holds the most number of improving children lifes.


After seeing how the PFLIU sports programmes not only football but also basketball, cricket, tennis, lacrosse and other sports were changing children’s lives an NGO called player for live initiativer Uganda.


Aiming always to involve local people throughout its operations, volunteers from the community are trained as referees, coaches and administrators. It is the children’s teachers, parents or guardians who run in various aspects of the programme delivery with TKL staff acting as coordinators.


Through playing sports and games, we teach children essential life skills that will help them overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease so that they can create better futures and drive lasting social change in their communities and beyond.