What we do

Education outreach program

The “player for live initiativer Uganda” (PFLIU), education outreach program is a program established to help out the kids with scholastic materials throughout thier academic year, we currently sponsor 5 children in three primary schools that’s Naguru Infant School with scholastic materials such as books, pens, geometry sets, school uniforms and school shoes. Each member is supported with these materials through his or her academics year. This system is aimed at instilling the value of hard work, independent thought and commitment. If these crucial values are encouraged at this earlier stage we believe they will stay with them throughout their lives.


Sports development

We believe that sport is a vital component of the development of young people, offering both physical and mental benefits.
Our sports programme has become somewhat of a flagship for our organisation due to the numerous successes we have enjoyed. Our program consists of provision of equipment, coaching and development programs. We are currently Running, Tennis, Cricket, Soccer and Lacrosse activities in three different schools that’s Naguru infant School f in Nakawa division, Kampala district with over one hundred (100+) kids benefitting from the program. Other aspects of our programme consist of holiday  clinics, specifically aimed at juniors with the sole objective of promoting sports and developing Uganda’s next generation of tennis players.


Where we work

Player for live initiativer Uganda (PFLIU), is transforming the lives of some of the disadvantaged children in local community schools, we are currently Running our Cricket, Soccer, Lacrosse and Tennis program in three different schools in a nakawa division, Kampala division,with 153 kids benefitting from the project the school we work with are: Uganda School Naguru Infant School with 30 kids benefitting from the program.  We work with these kid starting from monday to saturday  during the evening hours for 3 hours, as these kids need special attantion we try to give them more time and more days compared to the regulars kids from the others and ever since we started working with them it has been fun and enjoyable for both the kids and the trainers -Kasokonso Kiganda Village in Kira district with 63 kids from Commmunity and 60 kids school all these are regular kids. We work 2 days, 2 hours start from 11:00pm to 1:00pm each school, tuesday and thrusday for Mutungo schools and wednesday .




The value of education is undisputed allover the world. However, there remain thousands of children in most countries across the world that are still denied the right. Uganda is one of those countries. Even with commendable efforts by the government to reduce the barriers of entry, the costs of education means countless children still go through their childhood without going to school. Our reasoning is straightforward. We believe every child has the right to an education. Simple. However, we don’t just believe they have a right to any old education; they have a right to a high quality, uninterrupted and comprehensive education. An education that really is, as one of our members so brilliantly described, ‘a passport to a better future.

  • Guarantee a quality and uninterrupted education to all our members.
  • Give every member an education that will provide the foundations for a better future.
  • Reward hard work and commitment with continued support right through to higher education and beyond.
  • Encourage and guide our members to realise and fulfill their potential.
  • Produce highly educated and motivated young people capable of inspiring others.



Sport is one of the most powerful development tools there is when it comes to young people.
Its transformative power, its ability to unite, empower and teach makes it an invaluable aspect of any childhood.
When the values and lessons that come from sport are set against a backdrop of poverty and inequality they only become more critical. We put sport at the centre of our work because it has the potential to change a person forever. Just some of the values we emphasise…. Self-esteem, Leadership, Teamwork, Cooperation, Discipline, Belonging, Confidence Our Objectives.

  • Increase accessibility to, and promote participation in, structured and organised Sport.
  • Discover and nurture sporting talent in young People
  • Promote and instil the core values of Sport.
  • Reduce the barriers of entry for young people to play Sport.
  • Produce educated sportspersons and dispel the widely held view in Uganda that a person must chose between an education or Sports.