Interested in volunteering?

We have volunteering opportunities in our uganda office, at fundraising events, in research work, media work and more. See our current volunteering opportunities to find an opportunity near you or contact our team on

Each year people give their time and volunteer for player for live initiatives Uganda Whether it’s for minutes or weeks, each volunteer is helping the organisation to ultimately improve life for disadvantaged children in Uganda.

I absolutely love volunteering as, even though I have a full-time job, I can still do my bit.

We are committed to giving you the best volunteering experience possible. Every volunteer role is different but they all make a difference. In many of our roles you will have the opportunity to meet new people and make friends, develop new and existing skills, gain experience of working within an international charity and gain the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in your local community. Depending on which role you choose, you might also develop valuable job skills and gain career experience.


Skills and time

We are a small team and rely of the generosity of our friends and supporters to enable us to do all the work that is needed. If you are in the Europe, USA, Australian or Uganda you can help. A major benefit of our dynamic structure means we can, if it is in line with our objectives, incorporate all sorts of skills and resources. So, if you want to get involved please just get in touch and I am sure we can develop and create opportunities for you and our members.

We are always looking for skilled and qualified volunteers. From coaches to IT specialists, from teachers to chefs or plumbers you can make an impact whether it’s at home or abroad.

If you are interested in interning for a longer period of time with player for live initiatives Uganda (PFLIU)  we are always open to applications, please send a copy of your CV and a covering note to:


Sport couching

Apply to coach sports overseas. We have some fantastic volunteer sports coaching  in Uganda. You don’t need to be as good a sportsman as…

Roger Federer or Lionel Messi

,these placements have a focus on fun and learning to provide children with an enjoyable experience. Our sport coaching projects allows volunteers to share their love of sport with children through sports lessons in our local partner schools. Teaching sport complements the charity’s initiatives as it has a wide range of benefits including health, confidence and team work. PFLIU principally focus’ on soccer, tennis, cricket, basketball, swimming and tennis.



We believe every young person should have the same opportunities to make the most of their future. But the reality is that many of the scholars on our programmes are held back. Not
through lack of talent but through lack of access to the networks of support and advice available in Uganda that other young people take for granted.  They might dream of becoming a  sports stars, doctor, a lawyer or other professional but have no role models among their family or friends.



We are looking for indivduals interested in volunteering in Uganda for between 6-12 months, you will be partnered with one of our 11 schools and assigned between 5-7 teachers to mentor at any one time. Teaching qualification or equivalent required.


Project refresh

Many of our partner schools have difficulties in getting their facilties revamped, we are looking for both volunteers and sponsors to help with these projects so that our partner facilties can be in a good condition for the up and coming year. We welcome adults and children alike anyone with an adventurous spirit and a big heart!