A real Lifestory of….

What was your situation before you became involved with player for live initiativer Uganda (PFLIU)?

Were you able to go to school at the time?
I was staying with my  grand mother in Kigada village who was not in position to send me to school and I had never been to school in my life neither had any of my family members.
How did you become involved with PFLIU?
I ran away from home and went to kampala hoping life was better on the streets than staying home carrying out domestic house work and digging in the fields. I had spent a year on the streets when I met a sports coach called  Kazungu Julius  who were passing through one night and served us all with chapatti’s.  They spent some time talking to us understanding if we were interested to study and about our family background.  At the time I didn’t know but this was going to be a life changing conversation for me.
What opportunities did PFLIU provide you with? How did they help you?
PFLIU has given me a life. I am now getting an education, I don’t lack food and they also gave me an opportunity to play sport, I hadn’t even heard of Tennis before.
What have you been able to achieve with the help of PFLIU?
  • Free education ( I can now read and write)
  • Counselling and mentoring
  • I have received pasteral care from the organisation
  • I know how to use a computer
  • Introduced me to sports
  • Given me a home and a family to belong to
How do you feel about PFLIU?
They have given me hope and a purpose to live and family to belong to.
What are your ambitions now?
Study and finish my education with a qualification in medicine and also be able to change other peoples lives for the better.
George, 10 years