I, Kazungu Juilus, am an experienced lacrosse and rugby coach born in Kampala, Uganda. I am the sole founder of “Player for Life” initiative and the “Uganda Sports” initiative that supports children through the medium of sport. I have founded numerous lacrosse programs within schools in Uganda, and as such hold the appointment of Coach and Development Director of women’s programs in Uganda. I have a thorough understanding of introducing lacrosse programs to schools. My emphasis is always on fun and love for the game, which doubles as an effective method for spreading and growing the game throughout the nation. I was the first ever women’s lacrosse coach in Uganda, after introducing the game on Aug. 6, 2012. Since then, I have also become the first coach in Uganda to organize a girl’s GLT and women’s LAX championship in Uganda.  

In 2013 I was elected both Uganda Lacrosse Women`s Coach and Uganda Lacrosse Development Director. Having completed a fourth season with the Ugandan Women’s Team, a high standard of skills was demonstrated among the players. Furthermore, the game had spread around the suburbs of Kampala helping ghetto kids play lacrosse – something that is close to my heart because it stops them from partaking in less favourable activities. At that time I was interviewed by the press who asked me how I was able to make such strides growing lacrosse, since the game was still new in Africa. My answer was easy, “In order to achieve your goals you have to first love what you do. That faith will lead you to success.” 

This passion and ethos translates into my coaching style. During my time with the Ugandan Women`s team, I tried to mentor players to do the best that they could. Perhaps most importantly, I asked them to first love the game before they did anything else, because in my view this would enable them achieve their goals. I made an early commitment to listen to each player’s opinions and concerns at all times, which helped maintain discipline, peace and harmony within the team. 

Prior to my tenure with the Ugandan Women’s Team, I find myself reflecting on my own playing career. During the height of my playing career I was a defensive player and, I must say, I was quite good at it. I held no rivals as a record-breaking Defenseman for the Panther lacrosse Team. During my best season with the Panthers, I made assists (82), and still hold a record high total of (284) career assists. At that time, I also acted as my club coach player, directing the team both on the field and off it. 

Separately, I reached out and encouraged a number of players from USA colleges to come and visit my lacrosse programs; I did this before taking over the coaching program. This has helped me to understand better levels of lacrosse, and has been a wonderful experience for the players in my care. In summary, throughout my coaching career I have spread lacrosse to twelve high schools and ten primary schools within Uganda. As the founder of high school and Primary school lacrosse programs here in Uganda, I truly believe that I have acquired a very high skill level and experience in coaching both locally and at the international level. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all who have been on my side throughout this amazing journey.

Here you will find a list of the clubs and schools where I have coached:

  1. Lacrosse:
    1. South African lacrosse coach (international honours).
    2. Ugandan Women’s lacrosse team (national honours).
    3. Vienna College Namugongo Lacrosse and Rugby team.
    4. Taibah international school rugby team. 
    5. Kampala International School Uganda.
    6. Green hill academy.
    7. Kampala junior academy. 
    8. Naguru infant school.
    9. 7 Hill international school. 
    10. Mount St Mary`s College Namagunga.
    11. Gayaza High School.
    12. Nabisunsa Girls School. 
    13. King`s College Buddo.
    14. Kampala Parents School and Kabojja Junior School. 
    15. British school Kampala. 
    16. Wettingen lacrosse club youth camp coach in Switzerland. 
    17. Dortmund lacrosse club youth camp coach.
    18. Ghent lacrosse youth camp.
    19. ISB international school of Brussels.
    20. Kaiserslautern High school in Germany. 
    21. JFK lacrosse camp in Berlin Germany.
    22. Hamburg youth lacrosse team Germany.
    23. Munster women’s lacrosse team in Germany. 
    24. Indiana lacrosse team in Köln Germany.
    25. Frankfurt youth team in Germany.

Below is a list of my playing accolades, of which it has been a pleasure to be a part: 

  • Lacrosse:
    • The Panther Lacrosse Team.
    • Wettingen lacrosse club in Switzerland.
    • Germany budisiliga team in Berlin open. 
    • Ghent gablin lacrosse club in Belgium.
    • Münster lacrosse club in Germany.
    • Trier lacrosse club in Germany.
  • Rugby:
    • Zurich rugby club in Zurich Switzerland. 
    • Baboons Rugby club in Switzerland.
    • s‘Nooga Queens Rugby club in Chattanooga Tennessee.
    • Sawanee rugby club in the USA. 
    • Ghent Rugby club in Belgium.